Graduate research students

First name Surname College DPhil title
Kristian Akselberg Pembroke Ecclesiology in the Catechetical Lectures of St. Cyril, Archbishop of Jerusalem
Mark Aloysius Campion Hall Desire and its transformations in Hannah Arendt and Augustine
Matthew Anderson Oriel In Defence of Children: Pro- and Anti-Natalist Arguments in Moral Philosophy and Karl Barth
Saquab Ashraf St Cross The linguistic and thematic response of the Qurbn to events during the Meccan period
Hadley Bennet Regent's Park

"A Theology of Leadership" to address the significant persistent bias towards Christomonism in ecclesial leadership paradigms

& underpin future reform

James Bergida Blackfriars Towards Interfaith Finance? Islamic Banking and the Christian Prohibition of Usury
Simon Berry Wycliffe Hall The role of responses to heterodoxy in shaping the evolution of orthodoxy in the late medieval church
Ingrid Betancourt Harris Manchester Hermeneutics and Method in Latin American Liberation Theology
Yashua Bhatti Mansfield The tentative title is F.W.J von Schelling's Paul: Pauline Thought in German Idealism
Sean Biggins Blackfriars The Second-Person Relation, Technology, and Theology
Daniel Borvan Keble Fighting for the Faith: Pierre du Moulin's Polemical Quest for the Reunion of Christendom
Susan Bridge New Field: Modern Theology (systematic theology)
Title: Glory, without the Kingdom and the Power: new theologies of glory
Patrick Brittenden Regent's Park

What is the role of BMBs (Believers from a Muslim Background) in the development of the Church in North Africa?

A critical evaluation with special reference to Algeria and Tunisia

Edward Brooks Oriel The Rationality of Hope
Robert Brown Blackfriars Is it Feasible to Affirm the Doctrine of Divine Inspiration in Light of Certain Problematic Insights from Biblical Studies?
Alex Bruce St Stephen's House Desert Fathers and Mountain Monks: Revisioning Buddhist-Christian Dual Belonging
Anthony Buck Wolfson Field: Theology/Hermeneutics
Title: Stories the Church Lives By: A Cognitive Approach to Ecclesial Theology and Praxis
- Carlos Balliol Sramana ascetic movements towards a theory of religions change.
Keith Chappell Blackfriars Ecclesial and World View Characteristics of Catholic Charismatic Renewal Groups in the United Kingdom
Nicole Chen Christ Church Christian Doctrine: to what extent did Marcion influence the formation of the New Testament canon?
Anna Chrysostomides St Antony's Between the Lines: Religious Identity and the Social Dynamics of Conversion in Eastern Christianity and Islam, 8th-10th centuries CE
Judith Clark Oriel Reach for the Sky. A Typology of Angelic Discourse and its Liturgical Impact Within the Community at Qumran
Keith Collins Keble

Divine Wisdom and Human Wisdom: The Interplay between Revelation and Rationality in the Composition of Christian Theology,

against the Backdrop of 1 Corinthians 1.17-2.16: A Survey from the Fathers, ca. 100-215

Peter Collins Christ Church Atheism, Theism and Public Morality in Contemporary Liberal Democracies
John Comstock Lady Margaret Hall The Historical Context and Authorial Intention(s) of Augustine's Confessions
William Cooper Magdalen "As You See the Day Approaching": An Investigation of the Epistle to the Hebrews and its Ritual Setting
Rachel Cresswell Blackfriars The use of Scripture in the writings of Anselm of Canterbury
Simon Cross St Stephen's House

Perspectives on Divine Action: Reflections on the Theological Legitimacy of Approaches to Divine Action in the

VO / C.T.N.S. Series "Scientific Perspectives on Divine Action"

Emerson Csorba Brasenose The employer-employee social contract in an age of uncertainty: its ingredients, evolution and future
Edward David Blackfriars Corporate religious liberty: assets, organisations and free exercise in American law
Victoria Davies St John's Thinking beyond metaphysics: redressing the question of Kierkegaard's influence on Heidegger
Rebecca Dean Pembroke "What if a Spirit or an Angel has Spoken?" Narrative Modelling of the Treatment of Religious Experience in the Acts of the Apostles
Hans Decker Oriel Making Books Without End: Anthology and Generative Rereading in the Wisdom Tradition
Nikolaas Deketelaere Balliol

'The Hermeuticity of Truth: A Theological Appropriation and Contextualisation of the Thought of Jean-Luc Nancy' (theology

and modern European thought)

Dritero Demjaha St John's Historical and Systematic Theology:
'On the thinkability of paradox and the paradoxicality of thought'
Lyndon Drake Worcester Old Testament/Hebrew Bible: a biblical theology of capital from the Hebrew Bible, and its versions and ancient interpreters
Mark Earngey Wycliffe Hall The Life and Theology of Bishop John Ponet (1516-1556)
Tristan Elby St Cross The Cult and Theology of the Vratyas Related to the 'Proto-Tantric' Ascetic Groups of India
Justine Ellis Oriel Sacred Texts, Secular Space: Towards Religious Literacy for a Secular Age
Timothy Farrant Pembroke The Mental and Material Laboratory of 13th C. Science
Steven Firmin Pembroke Christian Ethics: Can common civic virtues be derived from common objects of love in Islam and Christianity?
Elaine Flowers Kellogg The Life Journey of the Soul in Late Anglo-Saxon England
Jamie Franklin St Antony's -
Peter Gent Oriel The Performativity of Scripture
Martin Gliniecki St Stephen's House Discrimination in Modern Asymmetric Conflict: a Christian Moral Analysis
Jonathan Griffiths Corpus Christi Ecclesiastical History: the changing nature of ecclesiastical supremacy in England in the sixteenth century
Emily Gum Oriel Christian Ethics: What are the goals of education? A Dialogue between Philosophical Theologian Nicholas Wolterstorff and Poli
John Haglund St John's Soren Kierkegaard: Toward a Theology of Humour
Richard Hain Wycliffe Hall Children: an inheritance from the Lord. Towards a coherent account of autonomy in childhood in end of life bioethical discourse
Claire Hall All Souls Patristics Origen and Prophecy
David Hazell Wycliffe Hall The Future of Emerging Church? An Eschatologically Orientated Ecclesiology of Fresh Expressions'
Alan Herbert Wolfson The Imaginal and Shared Religious Experience in Jiva Goswami's Sri Bhakti Sandarbha
Daniel Herskowitz Wolfson Jewish Receptions of Martin Heidegger’s Philosophy
Eric Hoff Wolfson Augustinian Studies.  "From Confession to the Controversy: The Development of Augustine's Understanding of the Law".
Tim Howles Keble Religion as a Mode of Existence: The Political Theology of Bruno Latour
Brian Hutchinson Oriel The Marriage of Heaven and Earth: C.S. Lewis and the Eschatological Imagination
Nabeelah Jaffer Pembroke Blessed are the strangers: 'hijra and guraba' in jihadist thought
Owain James Trinity Death, Demons and the Medium of the Message: Exploring the Exegesis of 1 Samuel 28:3-25 in the Early Church.
Katie Javanaud Keble Buddhist Ethics: Metaphysical Foundations & Practical Applications.
Anniken Johansen St Cross The Concept of Theosis in Dionysius the Areopagite between Greek and Syriac Tradition
Jaspreet Kaur Wolfson New Age spirituality and its abject: A Case Study of '3HO'
Oliver Keenan Blackfriars A Polanyian Re-articulation of Aquinas’s Metaphysics of Knowing
Emily Kilburn University Pragmatic Integralism: towards an alignment of dualism within the texts if Sri Aurobindo and the intentional community Auroville
Simon maria Kopf Blackfriars God, Nature and the Desiderium Naturale: Thomas Aquinas and Teleology
Evangeline Kozitza Keble Field: New Testament
Title: Receiving the Little Child: Devotion to the Infant Christ from the New Testament to Origen
Kvetoslav Krejci Keble Harry Williams beyond Surroundings: finding God through self-awareness and doubt
Marten Krijgsman St Cross Theory of myth and the formation of national identity
Rathieshan Kumarasingham Wolfson D.Phil. in Theology (Science and Religion)
Title: A theology within a critical realist framework for Christians in Buddhist cultural contexts
Mateusz Kusio Wolfson Theology (New Testament) "Mimetic Rivalry in the Portrayal of Eschatological Opponents in Early Christian Literature".
Travis La Couter Campion Hall Doing Theology at a Distance: The Metaphysics of Prayer in Hans Urs von Balthasar
Anik Laferriere Keble The Late-Medieval Augustine: A Study of Fourteenth Century Hagiography and Iconography of Augustine.
Andrew Langley Regent's Park The Vindication of Yahweh’s Holiness in Ezekiel’s Oracles against the Nations
Sean Lau Trinity Project title: "Doctrine, Ethics and Discernment"
Proposed field: Seeking joint supervision in Modern Doctrine and Christian Ethics
Amy Lee Oriel Science and Religion, "Bilingualism of science and religion"
Elizabeth Li Mansfield Kierkegaard, Martensen, and the Problem of Post-Kantian Theology and Philosophy
Harry Lines Kellogg Field: 3rd century Greek patristic theology and Origen's work.
Proposed title: "The Wisdom of Solomon - the Solomonic corpus in the work of Origen"
James Lorenz Worcester Memory and Salvation: Using film to explore the power of memory and self in soteriology.
Victoria Lorrimar Oriel Enhancing Humanity: Co-Creation and the Imagination
Megan Loumagne Christ Church Original Sin, Evolution, and Gender
Mark Macaulay Regent's Park Abrahamic Faiths and the Challenge of Otherness: Exploring the Mandate for Peace Prior to Encounter
Frazer MacDiarmid Christ Church Ignatius of Antioch's understanding of martyrdom and self-sacrifice, as it relates to the formation of Christian identity and personhood.
Kirsten MacKerras St Cross Eschatology and Political Theology in Lactantius and Eusebius
Nandan Maniratnam Christ Church Modern Theology - "Is a secular account of human dignity viable?: A critical exploration of the Kantian tradition"
Luke Martin Keble The Mechanics of Grace in Thomas Aquinas
Matthew Martin Pembroke

Retheorising Collective Ritual as Durkheimian Spaces: Divine Power, Social Justice, and Embodied Cognition in Hindu

South Asian Deity Embodiment Ritualistic Performances

Neil Martin Keble Understanding the Regression Narrative in Paul’s Letter to the Galatians
Roy McCoy III Wolfson Biblical and Quranic Studies; The Gospel Harmony of al-Biqa'i's Na'm al-durar f' tan'sub al-'y't wa
Ionut Moise Wolfson Self and Salvation in the Vaiśeṣikasūtras of Candrānanda’s Vṛtti
Nina Montgomery Lincoln Recalibrating brand as belief: a study of the commercial branding projects of the Arab Gulf's new cultural institutions
Greg Morgan Mansfield

In Search of a Renewed Theo-Cultural Metaphysic for Postmodern Jurisprudence via the Historical Reclamation of

Natural Law as a Theory of Divine Govt.

Daniel Mullaney Wycliffe Hall Alexander Men and Hermeneutics: Integrating the Methods of Biblical Criticism in Russian Orthodoxy
Michael Murray Lady Margaret Hall The Onus of Divine Simplicity in the Niceno-Constantinopolitan Framing of Trinitarian Orthodoxy
Emilie Noteboom Regent's Park

What is the modern-day relevance of the importance of law, constitutional and divine, in Guillaume Groen van

Prinsterer's conception of history and the unfolding of revolutions therein?

Amy Orr-Ewing Wycliffe Hall

The importance of witnessing evidence, discovering dogma and persuasion with rhetoric in the writings of the

apologist and lay theologian Dorothy L Sayers

Mari Ovsepyan Pembroke Field: Theology (Science and Religion)
Title: ‘The Anatomy of Unbelief: Cognitive Science of Religion and Secularisation’
Dimitrios Pallis St Cross The Philosophical Liturgical Synthesis of Dionysius the Areopagite
Sachi Patel Wolfson Bhagavad-Gita in Caitanya Vaisnavism
Steven Paulikas Regent's Park Paul Ricoeur's Biblical Hermeneutics of Evil
Jahdiel Perez St Stephen's House Joy and Jest: Towards a Constructive Theology of Laughter
Modern Theology and Literature
Katharine Perry Pembroke "The Devil's in the Details: the Development of Hellenistic-Jewish Demonology in Light of the Septuagint"
Arthur Petersen Harris Manchester Uncertainty and God: A Study of the Role of Uncertainty and Ignorance in Scientific and Religious Practices
David Pickering Worcester

"Christian Theology, within that, Apologetics.  The proposed title is ""Chesterton and Apologetics beyond Apologia:

a study in method and imagination."""

Francesca Po St Stephen's House Exploring the Emerging Church: Christianity, the New Age, and Self-religion in the Sacralisation of Inclusivity
Trevor Pomeroy Wolfson Towards a Warfare Hermeneutic: A Sociological Analysis of Hebrew Biblical War Narrative in its Ancient Near Eastern Context
Charles Prempeh St Stephen's House

Theology and Religion. An Ethnographic Study of the Encounter Between Christianity and African Traditional

Religion in Contemporary Akan Land

Matthew Pritchard Harris Manchester Field: Science and Religion.
Title: "Deeply Religious Nonbelief: The Cognitive and Affective Tapestry of Religious Naturalism"
Olga Puzanova Wolfson The Adaptation of Orthodox Christianity to the Japanese Cultural Background
Jyoti Raghu Wolfson Michel Henry, auto-affectivity, and religious experience
Guinevere Rallens Oriel St. Augustine's Theology of Memory
Naomi Richman St Antony's Sex and the Spirit: Gender and Sexuality in Born-Again Christianity
James Roberts Harris Manchester Theological anthropology.
'Promoting the loss of the self and the mysticism of human communion: Uncovering the work of Mother Maria Skobtsova.'
Paul Rowse Blackfriars Paul’s Understanding of Moral Co-Responsibility in the Body
Andris Rudzitis St Cross Political theology: Radicalisation. The Role of Martyrdom in the Radicalisation of 20th century Latin American Christian Revolutionaries
Stefani Ruper Linacre

Salvation through Science Alone: The Soteriological Potential of Science in the Case Studies of

Ursula Goodenough, Sam Harris, and EO Wilson

Gerard Ryan Campion Hall Modern Theology: Theological Dimensions Toward a Theology of Love and Mutual
Prabhsharandeep singh Sandhu Wolfson Theorizing Religion and Literature in the Sikh Context: A Study of Bhai Vir Singh, Puran Singh, and Harinder Singh Mahboob
Benjamin Savill Wolfson Papal Privileges in Early Medieval England, c. 680-1073
Andy Shamel Linacre Literature and Theology - Secular Literature, Religious Belief, and Mediation of the Divine
Christopher Shaw Regent's Park Engaging Eckhartian Mysticism in a Secular Context: A Hermeneutical Study in Post-Kantian Thought

Samuel Shearn Worcester The early theological and political development of Paul Tillich before and during the First World War
Alex Sidhu Linacre Natural/human rights , Christian belief and politics: are natural/human rights compatible with Christian belief?
Martin Smith Lady Margaret Hall "Should God take mind-dependent value properties into account when actualising worlds?"
Pavlo Smytsnyuk Campion Hall

Religion, Culture and Politics in Modern Eastern Orthodoxy and Indian Philosophy:

A comparative study with special reference to Zizioulas, Yannaras, and Aurobindo, Tagore

Derek Spears Blackfriars

Commentary on Photius Questiones Amphilochia 151 - classical frs. in Pauline literature,

light they throw on Paul and educational background etc.

Gregory Stacey Trinity Towards a Catholic Epistemology
Marek Sullivan Balliol Huayan, Holism, and Environmentalism: A Critical Evaluation
Priya Sury Balliol Intentional Eating: Obesity and Spiritual Emptiness in America
Szilvia Szanyi St John's Perception and Perceptual Illusion in Early Yogācāra Buddhism
Tobias Tan Exeter Corporeal Theology: The Nature of Theological Understanding in Light of Embodied Cognition
Aaron Taylor Blackfriars Common Moral Grammar? Knowledge of the Natural Law in Thomas Aquinas and John Calvin
Andrew Thayer Mansfield Derrida and the Community of the Church: Ecclesial proclamations of the Gospel in a post-modern world
Holly Thompson Wolfson A Reception-Historical Study of Gender Subversion in the Book of Esther
Julian Thompson Worcester Orality, Meaning, and the Rhetorical Persistence of Traditional Forms in Ancient Hebrew Poetics
Stephen Thompson Blackfriars

The concept Om & the four Mahavakya in the Vedanta literature as means of dispelling avidya

with particular reference to Anubhuti's tippanam on the Agamaprakaranam of Mandukya -Gaudapdiya

with Sankara's bhasya,to be translated by myself for the first...

Blake Ellison Trimble Mansfield

Belief, Cultural Imagination, and Salvation: The Soteriological Implications of the Cultural Theory,

Psychoanalysis, and Semiotics in Michel deCerteau

Tyler Tully Exeter 'The Lamb that was Slain': Towards a Post-humanist Study of Deep Incarceration and 'The Other'
Andrew Turnbull Wycliffe Hall Lesslie Newbigin and the Renewal of Evangelical Theological Epistemology
Jim Van Dyke Christ Church

Christian Personalism and Aquinas' Natural Law: Can Their integration illumine the Mystery of

Human Identity and Difference for Christian Ethics?

Tikhon Vasilyev Wolfson Christian Angelology in Pseudo-Dionysius and Sergius Bulgakov
Stevan Veljkovic St Cross Secular Order and the Sources of Consensus on Climate Change
Arabella Volkers St Benet's Hall Re-thinking origins of patristic exegesis: the role of prosopological exegesis in 2C Alexandria
Christy Wang Regent's Park Sanctifying England: Puritan Preaching on Conformity in Early Stuart London
Madeleine Ward Wolfson The Intellectual Context for the Development of Quaker Theology, 1656-1700
Daniel Warnke Wolfson

Shaped for the city: How does worship in the Vineyard shape a vision of human and divine

agency that motivates urban church planting?

John Whitty Pembroke Intellectual Light - Tradition and Illumination in the Though of Basil of Caesarea
Lucian Wong Mansfield Nineteenth Century Bengal Vaisnavism / The Tattva-Viveka of Bhakivnoda
Guzin Yener Wolfson

Kurukullā: The Scarlet Enchantress of Love, Power, and Magic in Tibetan Buddhism

Edward Youansamouth Regent's Park ‘Two Congenial Beings of Another Sphere’: Peter Sterry as a Theological Precursor to William Blake
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