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University Open Days

The Faculty of Theology and Religion will be participating in University Open Days on Wednesday 3rd July, Thursday 4th July, and Friday 20th September 2019. We look forward very much to welcoming you. Come and learn more about our courses and admissions, meet tutors and current students, and enjoy sample lectures and workshops. The Faculty will be open from 10:00-15:30 each day, with the following programme of events:


Theology and Religion at Oxford – a presentation and Q&A with Dr Mary Marshall, Director of Undergraduate Studies and Outreach. This will include information on the BA Philosophy and Theology and BA Religion and Oriental Studies.


Taster Lecture
On the 20th September, Prof. William Wood will lecture on 'What's Philosophical about Theology?'


Drop-in to meet students and tutors


Language Taster Session
On 20th September - Hebrew with Dr Alinda Damsma


Parents, carers, and teachers Q&A with Dr Mary Marshall


For more information on University Open Days click here.

Independent Visits

The best time to visit is on a University Open Day, when many colleges, departments and other University buildings will be open and able to welcome you with special events and information. However, if you cannot make it to an Open Day or for any other reason it is possible to make anindependent visit. For the University’s guidance and resources on Independent visits please click here.

The Faculty welcomes prospective students and applicants and, whenever practical, we will try to accommodate your visit. If you would like to make an independent visit to the Faculty, please email


This year the Faculty of Theology and Religion will run two UNIQ schools, each lasting four days and welcoming around thirty Y12 students. UNIQ is a programme organised by the University of Oxford, for more information and to find out whether you are eligible and how to apply, please see the UNIQ website.

Public Lectures and Events

Throughout the year, the Faculty hosts a number of special lectures which are open to members of the public (as distinct from the lectures for University students which are published in our Faculty Lecture Schedule). Everyone, including prospective students, is very welcome to attend. You can find out about these lectures in the Events section of our website. They will also be announced in our Faculty News and social media accounts. If you live near to Oxford, you may like to attend a lecture. Some lectures are recorded and you can view past lectures on our Youtube channel (click here to find out more about our Online Resources).

Remember, if you do not live near Oxford, there may be similar opportunities for you at local universities and museums.

For more information and further opportunities, see the University’s Increasing Access Website

Click here for information on how to apply and further resources for applicants.

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