Oliver Wright


Professor Graham Ward


Keble College

DPhil Thesis Title: 

The Performativity of Christian Discourse


Read English at Cambridge, practiced as a lawyer in London for 15 years, reading theology in Oxford since 2019

Select Publications:

(as editor) On Earth As In Heaven: Through the Year with Tom Wright (London: SPCK, 2022)

Articles: ‘Real Time’, Seen and Unseen, April 2023: https://www.seenandunseen.com/real-time

‘Guys and Dolls’ Celebration of Commitment’, Seen and Unseen, May 2023: https://www.seenandunseen.com/guys-and-dolls-celebration-commitment

Book Reviews: James K.A. Smith Inhabiting Time, Heythrop Journal

Academic Interests: 

The nature of liturgical and doctrinal language. Speech Act Theory. Contemporary Continental Philosophy. 20th Century Theology. Linguistic Theory, particularly Derrida and Ricoeur. Kierkegaard. Giorgio Agamben. The influence of the Bible on 20th Century philosophy. New Testament, particularly Pauline studies.