Salim Farrar


Professor Justin Jones



Research Area/s: 

Contemporary Sufism


I am an Associate Professor and Director of Islamic Law at the Centre for Asian and Pacific Law at the Sydney Law School, University of Sydney, where I am also the University’s Muslim Chaplain.


Select Publications:

Farrar, S. (2021). International Law and the Organization of Islamic Cooperation. In Anthony Carty (Eds.), Oxford Bibliographies in International Law. New York: Oxford University Press.

Farrar, S (Editor) (2020). Special Issue (2020): Law and Development in the Islamic World. The Law and Development Review, 13(2).

Farrar, S. (2020). Islamic Ethics and Truth Commissions in the Muslim World: Towards a Just and Ecologically Sustainable Peace? In Joseph Camilleri and Deborah Guess (Eds.), Towards a Just and Ecologically Sustainable Peace: Navigating the Great Transition, (pp. 135-163). Singapore: Springer.

Farrar, S., Krayem, G. (2018). Accommodating Muslims Under Common Law: A Comparative Analysis (Paperback edition). Abingdon, UK: Routledge.



Farrar, S., Uddin, T. (2020). Building Islamic Ethics into Development: Exploring the Role and Limitations of "Islamic" Microfinance in Poverty Alleviation - An Indonesian Case Study. The Law and Development Review, 13(2), 371-406

Farrar, S. (2014). The Organisation of Islamic Cooperation: Forever on the Periphery of Public International Law? Chinese Journal of International Law, 13(4), 787-817.

Farrar, S. (2011). Accommodating Islamic Banking and Finance in Australia. UNSW Law Journal, 34(1), 413-442.

Farrar, S. (2003). Islamic jurisprudence and the role of the accused: a re-examination. Legal Studies, 23(4), 587-604.

Conference / Presentation:

Farrar, S., Manaf, A., Abdul, H. (2018). Between facility and prohibition: reforming secular organ transplantation laws in Southeast Asia against a backdrop of Shari'ah and religious values. International Conference on Organ Transplantation in Islam, School of Humanities and Arts, Western Sydney University, Sydney, NSW: Presentation.

Farrar, S. (2018). Religious Excuses and the "Culture Defence": Can and Should 'Religious' Claims be Recognised in a Liberal, Secular and Democratic Public Square? 7th National University of Singapore (NUS) - Sydney Law Symposium 2018: Multiple Perspectives on the Criminal Law, Sydney, NSW: Presentation.

Farrar, S. (2016). Understanding Procedural Delay and the Limits of Law: Arguing the Case for Cultural and Religious Inputs in Drafting Guidelines of Timeliness. United Arab Emirates University, College of Laws, Intercontinental Dubai Festival City, Dubai, UAE: Presentation.

Farrar, S. (2015). Developing Muslim Chaplaincy Guidelines. Darlington Centre, University of Sydney 2015, Sydney, NSW: Presentation.

Academic Interests: 

The legal intersections between religious faith, practice and citizenship, the ‘lived’ Shari’a, and their impacts on economic, social and human development.