Gerry Lynch


Professor Mark Chapman


St Stephen's House

Research Area/s: 

Late 20th Century global Anglican history.


Originally graduated with a BA (Hons.) in politics from Queen’s, Belfast in 2000. After working in the civil service, politics, and public policy for 18 years, I returned to full time study, obtaining an Oxford PGDip in 2019 and then an MSt specialising in ecclesiastical history in 2020. My MSt dissertation looked at how the Church of England, specifically, engaged with the international anti-apartheid movement and South African Anglicanism during the terminal crisis of the apartheid system from 1985-90. Subsidiary pieces looked at Anglican-state relations in UDI Rhodesia and early independent Zimbabwe and Church of England-state relations during the Thatcher years. My doctoral thesis looks at how the rise of African power reshaped the Anglican Communion during the last years of the 20th Century, with particular reference to the Lambeth Conferences of 1988 and 1998 and the intensified transnational networks of the intervening period, and how they were driven by cheaper air travel and intercontinental communications. A particular interest is in understanding the agency and intention of all parties I am a part-time doctoral researcher, also working in parish ministry in the Diocese of Salisbury.


Twitter: @gerrylynch

Academic Interests: 

Late 20th Century ecclesiastical history, Anglicanism, oral history, the impact of digitisation on record keeping, context collapse.