James A. Lawrence


Dr Shaun C. Henson


St. Antony's

Research Overview:

In my doctoral thesis I make the case that Transhumanism is a technological example of a gnostic soteriology. Transhumanism advocates for the enhancement of the human condition through the use of technologies such as AI, robotics, brain-computer integration, nano-technology and gene therapy. I argue that the Transhumanist impulse to escape the human condition through the development of technology mirrors the gnostic impulse to escape the human condition through the acquisition of divine or secret knowledge.

Research Area/s: 

Philosophical Theology / Science and Religion


Originally from London I moved to Leeds for my first undergraduate degree which was in Music. After graduating I started working for a local church as a youth and student worker and entered the discernment process for ordination. It was during this time that my fascination with theology started to develop. I received a BA (Hons) in Theology, Ministry & Mission (First Class) from Durham University before getting ordained in the Church of England and a MA in Theology, Ministry and Mission (Distinction) from Durham University during my curacy.


I currently live with my wife, Hannah, in Brooklyn, New York, and serve as the Associate Priest at All Angels Church, Manhattan.


Twitter: https://twitter.com/RevJimLaw

Website: https://revjimmylawrence.com

Academia.edu: https://oxford.academia.edu/JamesLawrence

Academic Interests: 

Technology; Radical Orthodoxy; Philosophy and Intellectual History; Theological engagement with Contemporary Culture; Secularism