Steven Firmin

Steven Firman


Prof. Joshua Hordern, Prof. Afifi Al-Akiti

Research Overview:

Political secularism is a complex and lively topic in Islamic political discourse – invoked by some and attacked by others. My research finds there to be a deficit of understanding about the relationship between Christian political theology and secularism in this discourse and will propose a corrective by recovering the ways that Augustine and contemporary Augustinians invoke the concept of secularity.  I will then use this recovered understanding of secularity to enter into conversations with Islamic and liberal political theorists about the issue of state sovereignty and the civic virtue of tolerance in politically secular societies. 

Research Area/s: 

Christian and Religious Ethics, Christian and Muslim Political Theology, Improvisation and Christian Formation.

About Me:

I received my B.A degree in Middle Eastern Studies from Florida State University in 2014, and an M.Phil in Theology from Oxford University in 2017.  Outside of studies, I help serve post-graduate students at St. Ebbe’s church and perform improvised comedy with the Oxford Imps.


Academic Related Activities: 

I help to organize the Abrahamic Religions seminar for the Faculty of Theology and Religion. I have participated in the MCR-JCR mentor schema at Pembroke College. 



Areas of Teaching Competence and Experience:

Christian Ethics, St. Augustine, Islamic Political History.