Philosophical Theology

Oxford has long been a premier centre for Philosophy of Religion, home to seminal figures such as Basil Mitchell, Richard Swinburne, Keith Ward, Marilyn Adams, Richard Cross and Brian Leftow. The Faculty’s research ranges across multiple traditions, drawing on analytic, continental and eastern approaches. The subject covers questions of perennial human interest including: the existence and nature of the divine; the shape of religious and spiritual life; and fundamental questions about meaning and value.

In addition to the Faculty members listed below, many members of the Philosophy Faculty engage with the philosophy of religion. 

Research Centres & Projects

God-Concepts and Spiritual Wellbeing

Led by Prof Mark Wynn and generously funded by the John Templeton Foundation, this project addresses two central questions. In what ways can God-concepts deepen or otherwise inform our conception of spiritual wellbeing? And to what extent can God-concepts be assessed by reference to their implications for spiritual wellbeing? The project draws on philosophical, theological and empirical perspectives.


There is a lively research community in Philosophical Theology, with many opportunities for graduate students to interact with staff and fellow students. There are regular reading groups and opportunities for graduate students to present their work. The Joseph Butler Society, meeting twice termly, runs a programme of talks in the Philosophy of Religion with visiting speakers. Additionally, the Faculty hosts the Wilde Lectures in Natural Theology. All this is against the backdrop of wider University activity – and Colleges, Halls, and student societies regularly hold events of interest to philosophical theologians.