Christian and Religious Ethics

Oxford is one of the English-speaking world’s leading centres for the study of religious ethics, especially the Christian tradition. In addition to the Regius Professor of Moral and Pastoral Theology, the field is staffed by two associate professors (one in Christian Ethics, the other in Religious Ethics), and two post-doctoral fellows. Together these run a second-year undergraduate course in Christian Ethics and a third-year course in Religious Ethics. They also supervise an intellectual community of up to twenty postgraduate students, who are enrolled either in one of the two master’s courses in Christian Ethics or in the doctoral programme. Discussion across disciplines and the engagement of academic study with public affairs is enhanced by the McDonald Centre for Theology, Ethics, and Public Life, by the Healthcare Values Partnership, and by association with the Oxford Character Project

The Christian Ethics Graduate Research Seminar discusses Christian moral concepts and methodology, including contemporary and historical discussions of textual and practical issues in Christian Ethics. The programme for Michaelmas Term included the following:

'Moral luck and International relations: some reflections on Christian ethics' (Professor Nick Rengger, St Andrews)

'Morality, Autonomy, and god: a book discussion' (Professor Emeritus Keith Ward)

The programme for Hilary Term is the following:


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