Professor Mark Wynn


I completed my BA in Philosophy & Theology at the University of Oxford, and then a DPhil, again at Oxford, under the supervision of Brian Davies and Richard Swinburne. I have held positions at King’s College, London, the University of Glasgow, where I was a Gifford Postdoctoral Research Fellow, the Australian Catholic University, the University of Exeter, and most recently the University of Leeds, where I was Professor of Philosophy and Religion from 2013 to 2020.

Research Area/s: 

Philosophical Theology

Research Interests:

I am very willing to supervise across all the central fields of philosophical theology and philosophy of religion. In recent years, my own research has focused upon questions such as: the distinctive character of the goods to which religious and spiritual traditions are directed; the structure of such traditions, including the connection between their practical and creedal commitments; the relationship between the various vocabularies that are used to describe, from the insider’s perspective, progress in the spiritual life; the epistemic significance of tradition in religious contexts; and the relationship between the concept of God and accounts of spiritual well-being.

In general, my research rests on the thought that religious traditions constitute extended experiments in human possibilities -- and the belief that in some cases, the careful retrieval of those traditions can throw new light on contemporary questions about how to live well.

Select Publications

  • Spiritual Traditions and the Virtues: Living Between Heaven and Earth

    Wynn, MR
  • Aesthetic experience and spiritual well-being: locating the role of theological commitments

    Wynn, M
  • How to Think of Religious Commitment as a Ground for Moral Commitment: A Thomistic Perspective on the Moral Philosophies of John Cottingham and Raimond Gaita

    Wynn, M
    Edited by:
    Kvanvig, J
  • Renewing the Senses: A Study of the Philosophy and Theology of the Spiritual Life

    Wynn, M
  • Faith and Place: An Essay in Embodied Religious Epistemology

    Wynn, M
  • Emotional Experience and Religious Understanding: Integrating Perception, Conception and Feeling

    Wynn, M