Resources for graduate study

Oxford provides unparalleled resources for your studies, including access to one of the largest libraries in the world, the Bodleian Library, containing every book and most journals published in the UK in the last 400 years.


As a graduate student at Oxford you will have access to an incomparable range of specialist libraries and e-resources.

Our own collection is housed in the shared Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library, an arrangement which encourages interdisciplinary dialogue. Our students also make frequent use of the History, Classics and Oriental Studies libraries.

We also provide substantial resources to enable you to work remotely, including access to an increasingly large collection of e-books and all major e-journals.

Study Spaces

Oxford’s diverse and eclectic mix of historic and modern architecture will ensure an inspirational setting for your studies.

The faculty houses a dedicated workspace and common room for our graduates, reflecting our commitment to nurturing a strong and supportive academic community. We provide desks and lockers, tea and coffee, and a small kitchen.

The Radcliffe Humanities Building — home to the Faculty of Philosophy and the Philosophy and Theology Faculties Library — also provides study and social spaces, while every college has its own unique resources.

The city itself is home to a large number of lively cafes, many of which stay open late into the evening.

Research Seminars

Each term the faculty hosts a number of seminars led by world-renowned scholars. These include research seminars dedicated to one of our Master’s degrees and special series run by visiting scholars. All are welcome and encouraged to join.

Learning a Language

We encourage all our students to develop their language skills — ancient or modern.

Many of our graduate degrees involve specific language tuition and there are numerous opportunities for improving and maintaining pre-existing skills or beginning from scratch. As a graduate student you will have access to the Oxford University Language Centre, which offers language training tailored to the needs of your studies.

Student Support

In conjunction with colleges and the central university, we ensure that you have access to the pastoral and welfare support you need to excel at Oxford and beyond.


Your supervisor and course director, the director of graduate studies, and the graduate studies administrator are all available to offer confidential support. The Graduate Joint Consultative Committee (GJCC) is the official body for voicing general views and concerns.


Every college has an extensive support network and will assign you an advisor. Colleges also provide a tutor for graduates and a number of other people to turn to.


The University has a professionally staffed and confidential Student Counselling Service which provides personal, social, and academic support. The Oxford University Student Union is available to represents your interests at a wider level. And the Oxford University Careers Service will provide comprehensive assistance with future planning.