Professor Justin Jones



  • Conversion marriages: rethinking categories of religion in the courtrooms of British India

  • The politics of work, family and community in India

  • India's 'instant divorce' ban: a first step or the end result in reforming Islamic law?

  • "The Pakistan that is going to be Sunnistan": Indian Shi'i responses to the Pakistan movement

  • Urban Mythologies and Urbane Islam: Refining the Past and Present in Colonial-Era Lucknow

  • The Shi‘a in modern south asia: Religion, history and politics

  • Shi'ism, Humanity and Revolution in Twentieth-Century India: Selfhood and Politics in the Husainology of 'Ali Naqi Naqvi

  • Islam at Home: Religion, Piety and Private Space in Muslim India and Victorian Britain, c. 1850–1905

  • Shi'a Islam in Colonial India Religion, Community and Sectarianism

  • ‘Signs of churning’: Muslim Personal Law and public contestation in twenty-first century India

  • The Local Experiences of Reformist Islam in a ‘Muslim’ Town in Colonial India: The Case of Amroha

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