Dr Kirsten Macfarlane


I gained my BA, MSt and DPhil at the University of Oxford, Lincoln College, before taking up a Title A Research Fellowship at Trinity College, Cambridge University in October 2017. In 2019 I returned to Oxford, where I am currently Associate Professor of Early Modern Christianities and Tutorial Fellow at Keble College.

Research Area: 

History of Christianity 

Research Interests:

Religious, cultural and intellectual history of Western Europe (particularly England and Amsterdam) and North America from the Reformation to the early eighteenth century; especially the history of biblical scholarship, translation, and exegesis; Jewish-Christian relations, including the history of Hebrew scholarship in the Christian world; confessional identity and theological controversy; the relationship between ‘elite’ (neo-Latin) and ‘popular’ (vernacular) forms of religion and piety in the early modern period.

Select Publications

  • Hugh Broughton and the King James Bible, Revisited

    Macfarlane, K
  • The Biblical Genealogies of the King James Bible (1611): Their Purpose, Sources and Significance.

    Macfarlane, KM
  • Translating the ‘Hebraeo-Hellenic Apostles’: Hugh Broughton and the Scholarly Context of the English New Testament

    Macfarlane, K
  • More