PG Diploma Theology and Religion

Course overview

The Postgraduate Diploma (PGDip) in Theology and Religion is an alternative postgraduate qualification for those wishing to study theology and religion at the graduate level, but whose first degree is not in theology or religious studies.

The course offers an intensive period of study in Christian theology and the option to explore other world religions. Students may complete the course either in nine months as a full-time student, or in twenty-one months as a part-time student.


All students choose three papers (a fourth can be chosen if the student wishes to extend their studies), from the syllabus for the Faculty's BA in Theology and Religion, although some papers are excluded from this selection.

Students who plan to progress to one of the Faculty's Master's courses would normally be well advised to choose at least one paper in the subject area in which they would like to specialise at Master's level. For example, students who intend to apply for the MPhil or MSt in Theology: New Testament should normally have taken at least one New Testament paper in the Postgraduate Diploma in Theology and Religion.

Both full-time and part-time students are assessed by written examinations at the end of the course. Part-time students will study two papers in their first year of study, and the third (and fourth, if this option is chosen) in their second year of study.  Students may choose to write either two short essays (of 3-4,000 words each) or one long essay (of 7-8,000 words) in place of a seated examination in one of their chosen papers, with topics chosen from a list supplied by the Faculty.

The course is mainly taught by tutorials, for which students customarily prepare written work for discussion with the tutor. In addition, students attend relevant classes and lectures as advertised for the BA in Theology and Religion, and a series of seminars, normally twice per term, specifically organised for Postgraduate Diploma students. Teaching usually takes place up until Week 4 of Trinity term.   Exams are normally held in Weeks 6 and 7 of Trinity term. For part-time students, teaching will continue throughout Trinity term of their first year.

Although Postgraduate Diploma in Theology and Religion students make use of undergraduate lectures and classes, they are full members of the graduate community. They benefit from a Faculty-appointed supervisor who will direct their studies, and are entitled to draw on all the graduate resources of the Faculty and the University.  Please note that there is no graduation ceremony for Postgraduate Diploma students.

How to apply

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