Revd Dr Andrew Teal


Full faculty member since 2008. Formerly Admissions Coordinator, Disability Officer, a harassment advisor & teacher of New Testament Greek across the University. 

Chaplain, Fellow & Lecturer in Theology, Pembroke College Oxford.

Research Area/s

Historical & Systematic Theology, History of Christianity, Study of Religions

Research Interests

Patristic and Modern Theology, Christology & Ecclesiology, Eastern Theology & interfaith dialogue.

Theology and the arts.

Theology & Frontier Spirituality, especially dialogue with The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints

External Engagement

Affiliate Faculty and Visiting Resident Scholar, Neal A Maxwell Institute for Religious Scholarship, Brigham Young University, Provo, UT, USA.

Farmington Fellow.

Warden of a women’s lay religious order (Sisters of the Love of God) in Oxford.


Facebook: Arfx Teal

Latest publications

Teal, A. in Brett G.Scharffs, Ján Figel, Jane H. Wise, & Rabbi Lord Jonathan Sacks Points of Light: The Punta del Este Declaration on Human Dignity – For Everyone, Everywhere. The International Centre for Law and Religion Studies, Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah USA, April 2021 (Declaration signatory and contributor) (Book)

Teal, A. (with Rowan Williams, Frances Young, David Alton & Jeffrey R Holland Inspiring Service: Catholic, Anglican, Methodist and Latter-day Saint Traditions in Dialogue. Durham, Sacristy Press, 2020 (Book)

Teal A. Athanasius and the language of doctrine BYU Podcast after Faculty Seminar (Media)2020 Author URL 

Teal, A. ‘Intimacy Restored: Maxim Kantor’s Last Judgment’ Luxembourg: University of Luxembourg Press / Luxembourg School of Religion and Society / Centre St John XXIII, 2020. (Conference paper)

Teal, A. Inspiring Service Interfaith Remarks with Elder Jeffrey R. Holland at Oxford 15 Nov 2019 Provo, Utah, USA: Religious Studies Centre, Brigham Young University Press / Salt Lake City, Utah, USA : Deseret Books (Book) 

Teal, A. The Dynamics of Religious Persecution BYU Law & Religion, Provo, Utah. 01 Nov 2019 (Conference paper) Publisher URL.

Teal, A. MIPodcast#97 Our Wild Hope BYU University, Provo, Utah. October 2019 (Media)


Other select publications

Teal, A. Athanasius and the language of doctrine, Maxwell Institute, BYU University, Provo, Utah. (April 2019) (Seminar paper)

Teal, A. BYU Radio Constant Wonder: The Theology of Pieter Bruegel the Elder April 2019 (Media)

Teal, A Council of Nicaea (325): Religious and Political Context, Documents, Commentaries. By Henryk Pietras The Journal of Theological Studies April 2018 (Journal article).

A Teal (ed) Ways of Reading Scripture: Collected Papers of Frances Young. Tübingen: Mohr Siebeck  2018 (Book)

A Teal (ed) God’s Presence. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. 2016 (Book)

A Teal (ed) Frances Young, Construing the Cross. Type, Sign, Symbol, Word, Action. London: SPCK. 2016 (Book)

A Teal (contributor), Maxim Kantor: Das neue Bestiarium Kantor, M, Barbano, C, de Muyser, G., 2016



A Teal (contributor), Young, F.  Arthur's Call A journey of faith in the face of severe learning disability 2014 (Book)

Teal, A The God-Man. Athanasius in Early Christianity. 2013 (Book)

Teal, A, Young, FM, ОТ НИКЕИ ДО ХАЛКИДОНА Введение в греческую патристическую литературу и ее исторический контекст 2013 (Book)

Teal, A, Meletius von Antiochien. Studien zur Geschichte des trinitätstheologischen Streits in den Jahren 360–364 n.Chr. By Thomas R. Karmann. (Regensburger Studien zur Theologie, 68.) Pp. ix+546. Frankfurt-am-Main: Peter Lang The Journal of Ecclesiastical History 2012 (Journal article)