Rev Dr David Goodill


 Fr David Goodill teaches moral theology for Blackfriars Studium and the University of St Joseph, Macau. He has a doctorate from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland, and also studied at the Catholic University of Leuven, the University of Manchester and the University of Cambridge. His research centres on the dialogue between contemporary philosophy and moral theology, and on questions in fundamental moral theology. Fr Goodill has previously held the posts of bursar, vice-regent and acting regent of Blackfriars Hall. He is currently the Provincial Bursar for the English Dominicans. 

Faculty Research Area(s): 

Christian & Religious Ethics

Research Interests:

 Wittgenstein, ethics and moral theology.
 Virtue ethics.
 Natural law theory.
 Modern philosophy and moral theology.
 The ethics of St Thomas Aquinas.

Publications & Research Outputs:

 “Original Sense: Wittgenstein and Augustine on Religion and Origins” published in the collection Augustine and Wittgenstein, ed. Paffenroth, Kim, Lexington Books, 2018. 

 “Elizabeth Anscombe on Just War” published in eds. Gormally, Jones and Teichmann, The Moral Philosophy of Elizabeth Anscombe, Exeter UK, Imprint Academic, 2016.