Professor Nigel Biggar

Selected Publications

  • "A Global State, International Law and the Containment of Persistent Conflict: Anglican Response to Pacem in Terris"

  • Imprudent Jurisprudence? Human Rights and Moral Contingency

  • In Response

  • In Defence of Just War: Christian Tradition, Controversies, and Cases

  • "Fostering Reconciliation as a Goal of Military Ethics"

  • Just War and International Law: A Response to Mary Ellen O’Connell

  • Why Christianity benefits secular public discourse, and why, therefore, Anglican bishops should sit in a reformed House of Lords

  • Honey from the Lion: Christianity and the Ethics of Nationalism

  • Men and Women in Marriage: Does it Add Up?

  • Individual Rights versus Common Security? Christian Moral Reasoning about Torture

  • More
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