Professor Jan Westerhoff

  • Madhyamaka and Modern Western Philosophy: A Report

  • Some remarks on a problem in Madhyamaka philosophy of language

  • Nāgārjuna and the Philosophy of Language

  • What it Means to Live in a Virtual World Generated by Our Brain

  • On the Nihilist Interpretation of Madhyamaka

  • Studies in Buddhist Philosophy

  • The Connection Between Ontology and Ethics in Madhyamaka Thought

  • Madhyamaka and Yogacara Allies Or Rivals?

  • Nagarjuna's Yogaaa

  • The Limits of Realism, by Tim Button

  • Indian Buddhist Philosophy. By Amber D. Carpenter.

  • Madhyamaka: Conventional Categories in Madhyamaka Philosophy

  • Metaphysical Issues in Indian Buddhist Thought

  • The Merely Conventional Existence of the World

  • Twelve Examples of Illusion

  • The Dispeller of Disputes: Nāgārjuna's Vigrahavyāvartanī

  • Nāgārjuna's Madhyamaka. A Philosophical Introduction

  • More
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