Professor Jan Westerhoff

Originally trained as a philosopher and orientialist, Jan Westerhoff's research focuses on philosophical aspects of the religious traditions of ancient India. Much of his work concentrates on Buddhist thought (especially Madhyamaka) as preserved in Sanskrit and Tibetan sources, he also has a lively interest in Classical Indian philosophy (particularly Nyāya). His research on Buddhist philosophy covers both theoretical (metaphysics, epistemology, philosophy of language) and normative aspects (ethics); he is also interested in the investigation of Buddhist meditative practice from the perspective of cognitive science and the philosophy of mind.

Select Publications

  • Some remarks on a problem in Madhyamaka philosophy of language

    Westerhoff, J
  • The Golden Age of Indian Buddhist Philosophy

    Westerhoff, J
  • Crushing the Categories

  • Nāgārjuna and the Philosophy of Language

    Westerhoff, JC
  • Madhyamaka and Modern Western Philosophy: A Report

    Westerhoff, J
  • What it Means to Live in a Virtual World Generated by Our Brain

    Westerhoff, J
  • On the Nihilist Interpretation of Madhyamaka

    Westerhoff, J
  • Studies in Buddhist Philosophy

    Siderits, M
    Edited by:
    Westerhoff, J
  • The Connection Between Ontology and Ethics in Madhyamaka Thought

    Westerhoff, JC
  • Madhyamaka and Yogacara Allies Or Rivals?

    Garfield, JL, Westerhoff, J
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