Professor Graham Ward


MA, PhD (Cambridge)

Academic Background

Educated at Fitzwilliam and Selwyn College, Cambridge. Tutor for English, Fitzwilliam and Girton College (1979-81); Ordained (1990); Chaplain, Fellow and Tutor at Exeter College (1992-5); Oxford; Dean of Peterhouse, Cambridge (1995-2000); Samuel Fergusson Professor of Philosophical Theology at the University of Manchester (2000-12); Director of the Centre for Religion and Political Culture (2003 –11); Head of the School of Arts, Histories and Cultures, the University of Manchester (2006-2012).

Undergraduate Teaching

God, Christ and Salvation; The Study of Religion.

Research Interests

Theology, Philosophy and Cultural Studies. Wider interests in the nature of religion and its relationship to anthropology, sociology, politics, gender theory and contemporary science. Current projects: a three volume work developing a culturally engaged systematic theology.

Select Publications

  • Aesthetics, Music, and Meaning-Making

    Ward, G
  • Unimaginable What We Imagine and What We Can't

    Ward, G
  • Extremities

    Ward, G
  • Decolonizing Theology

    Ward, G
  • Radical Othodoxy: It's Ecumenical Vision

    Ward, G
  • Speaking of Jesus Today: Towards an Engaged Systematic Theology

    Ward, G
  • How I Read the Bible

    Ward, G
    Edited by:
    Paddison, A
  • Sensing the Invisible

    Ward, G
  • How the Light Gets In Ethical Life I

    Ward, G, Ward, RPODG
  • 6 Living with Invisibility: Emotion, Mind, and Transcendence

    Ward, G
  • More