Professor David Downs


B.A. in English and Political Science, Clemson University, 1999

M.Div., Fuller Theological Seminary, 2002

Ph.D., Princeton Theological Seminary, 2007

Visiting Assistant Professor of Religious Studies, College of the Holy Cross, 2006-2007

Assistant Professor of New Testament Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2007-2011

Associate Professor of New Testament Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2011-2019

Associate Dean for the Center for Advanced Theological Studies, Fuller Theological Seminary, 2016-2019

Research Areas: 

Biblical Studies: Old and New Testament 

Research Interests:

Pauline Epistles; Economic Issues in Early Christianity; Jude and 2 Peter; Apostolic Fathers; Biblical Interpretation and Public Health in Tanzania


Select Publications

  • How gender and religion impact uptake of family planning: results from a qualitative study in Northwestern Tanzania

    Sundararajan, R, Yoder, LM, Kihunrwa, A, Aristide, C, Kalluvya, SE, Downs, DJ, Mwakisole, AH, Downs, JA
  • Physical Weakness, Illness and Death in 1 Corinthians 11.30: Deprivation and Overconsumption in Pauline and Early Christianity

    Downs, DJ
  • The Faithfulness of the Risen Christ Pistis and the Exalted Lord in the Pauline Letters

    Downs, APONTSDJ, Lappenga, BJ
  • The Scripturalization of Letters from ‘Our Beloved Brother’ Paul in 2 Peter

    Downs, D
    Edited by:
    Oliver, IW, Boccaccini, G
  • The Pauline Concept of Union with Christ in Ignatius of Antioch

    Downs, D
    Edited by:
    Still, TD, Wilhite, DE
  • Giving for a Return in the Prosperity Gospel and the New Testament

    Downs, D
    Edited by:
    Salinas, D
  • Educating religious leaders to promote uptake of male circumcision in Tanzania: a cluster randomised trial

    Downs, JA, Mwakisole, AH, Chandika, AB, Lugoba, S, Kassim, R, Laizer, E, Magambo, KA, Lee, MH, Kalluvya, SE, Downs, DJ, Fitzgerald, DW
  • Reading the Bible in Northwest Tanzania in Light of Male Circumcision as an HIV Intervention

    Downs, D
  • ‘Let Us Teach Ourselves First to Follow the Commandment of the Lord’ (Pol.Phil. 4.1): An Additional Note on ‘the Commandment’ as Almsgiving

    Downs, DJ, Rogan, W
  • The Offering of the Gentiles Paul's Collection for Jerusalem in Its Chronological, Cultural, and Cultic Contexts

    Downs, DJ
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