Professor Alister McGrath

Research Interests:

Science and religion; natural theology as a legitimate field of theological reflection, and as a framework for furthering the dialogue between science, religion, and literature; critical realism in science and theology; the theological utility of scientific philosophies of explanation; theological models of engagement with the natural sciences, especially those of T. F. Torrance and Emil Brunner; the application of biological models of evolution to cultural contexts, especially the development of Christian doctrine; the “New Atheism”; “two cultures” issues, especially defending the value of humanities in a scientific culture.

Select Publications

  • The Owl of Minerva: Reflections on the Theological Significance of Mary Midgley

  • An Undivided Mind: John Habgood on Science and Religion

  • Erzähltes Evangelium – Erzählende Kirche? Zur Aufgabe und zum Wesen narrativer Apologetik

  • The Territories of Human Reason Science and Theology in an Age of Multiple Rationalities

    McGrath, AE
  • Narratives of Significance: Reflections on the Engagement of Anthropology and Christian Theology.

    Edited by:
    Lemons, D
  • A Proposal for an Inclusive Scientific Theory

    Mcgrath, AE
  • Natürliche Theologie: Ein Plädoyer für eine neue Definition und Bedeutungserweiterung

    McGrath, A
  • Emil Brunner: A Theologian for the Academy and Church Today.

    Mcgrath, AE
  • The Great Mystery Science, God and the Human Quest for Meaning

    Mcgrath, A
  • Enriching Our Vision of Reality Theology and the Natural Sciences in Dialogue

    Alister McGrath, DDD