Professor N. T. Wright


N.T. Wright has held a variety of both academic and chaplaincy posts at Oxford, Cambridge, and McGill University, Montreal. He was Canon of Westminister in 2000, before serving as Bishop of Durham between 2003-2010. He is currently Research Professor Emeritus of New Testament and Early Christianity at St Mary’s College in the University of St Andrews and Senior Research Fellow at Wycliffe Hall, Oxford.

Research Area/s: 

Biblical Studies: Old Testament, New Testament, Historical and Systematic Theology

Research Interests:

Jesus and the Gospels; the theology and exegesis of Paul’s letters; and Christology.


Senior Editors for the St Andrews Online Encyclopedia of Theology.


Publications & Research Outputs: 

2021     The Meaning of the Atonement (With Simon Gathercole and others). Louisville: Westminster John Knox

2021     Galatians. Christian Formation Commentaries. Grand Rapids: Eerdmans (forthcoming)

2020      God and the Pandemic: A Christian Reflection on the Coronavirus and its Aftermath. London: SPCK; Grand Rapids: Zondervan

2020     Interpreting Jesus: Essays on the Gospels. London: SPCK; Grand Rapids: Zondervan

2020     Interpreting Paul: Essays on the Apostle and his Letters. London: SPCK; Grand Rapids: Zondervan

2020     Interpreting Scripture: Essays on the Bible and Hermeneutics. London: SPCK; Grand Rapids: Zonderva    

2020     Broken Signposts: How The Gospel Makes Sense of the World. San Francisco: HarperOne; London: SPCK 

2019     History and Eschatology: Jesus and the Promise of Natural Theology. Gifford Lectures 2018. Waco: Baylor University Press; London: SPCK

2015   Paul and his Recent Interpreters. London: SPCK; Minneapolis: Fortress

2013   Paul and the Faithfulness of God. Vol. IV of Christian Origins and the Question of God. London: SPCK; Minneapolis: Fortress

2013   Pauline Perspectives. (Collected essays, 1978-2013). London: SPCK; Minneapolis: Fortress