Dr Tim J. Mawson


Tim Mawson was educated at St Peter’s College and then The Queen’s College in Oxford. He held a number of temporary lectureships at other Oxford colleges before returning to St Peter’s in 1998, where he is now one of two Philosophy Fellows. You can listen to an interview with him here. If you want to hear his series of lectures on the Philosophy of Religion, click here.

Research Area/s:

Philosophy of Religion, Philosophical Theology, Value Theory

Research Interests:

I have quite broad interests within Philosophy and Philosophical Theology – I have written three books and forty or so papers over a wide range of topics, though most fall within the general area of the Philosophy of Religion. At time of writing, my most recent work has been on the question, “What is the meaning of life?” This is arguably the question that most lay-people would think must form a chief focus of the work of all of those who style themselves professional philosophers. But, until relatively recently, hardly anybody who called themselves a professional philosopher had worked on the question “What is the meaning of life?” at all. I am interested in exploring what difference God might make to answers (for I have argued there are more than one) to these questions (for I’ve argued that the question ‘What is the meaning of life?’ is really many questions.



Select Publications

  • Does Anything We Do Matter Forever?

    Mawson, T
  • The Divine Attributes

    Mawson, T
  • God’s Possible Roles in the Meanings of Life Reply to Metz

  • Doing natural theology consistently with theism and why one might stop trying

  • Does God Matter?

  • Divine Free Will

    Mawson, TJ
    Edited by:
    Timpe, K, Levy, N, Griffith, M
  • God and the Meanings of Life

    Mawson, TJ
  • What God Could (and Couldn't) do to make life meaningful

    Mawson, TJ
    Edited by:
    Seachris, J, Goetz, S
  • Freedom and the Causal Order

    Mawson, TJ
    Edited by:
    Ward, K, Cartwright, N
  • Classical Theism has no implicatoins for the Debate between Libertarianism and Compatibilism

    Mawson, TJ
  • More
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