Dr Shaun Henson

Research Interests: 

Philosophical theology; science and religion; Christian doctrine; Christian spirituality; philosophy of religion, Anglicanism and Catholicism. 

Personal website:


Recent publications:

Henson, Shaun C. and Michael J. Lakey, eds., Academic Vocation in the Church and Academy Today: ‘And With All Of Your Mind’ (Routledge: New York and London, 2016)

Henson, Shaun C. God and Natural Order: Physics, Philosophy, and Theology. Routledge Studies in Religion Series (Routledge: New York and London, 2014)

Henson, Shaun C. ‘Throwing Dice? Thoughts of God in a Quantum World’, in Abraham’s Dice: Chance and Providence in the Monotheistic Traditions, ed. Karl Giberson (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2016)

Henson, Shaun C., Review of Christ and the Cosmos: A Reformulation of Trinitarian Doctrine, by Keith Ward (for Theology 119.6 Nov/Dec 2016)

Henson, Shaun C., Review of The Universe as Communion: Towards a Neo-Patristic Synthesis of Theology and Science, by Alexei Nesteruk (Continuum/T&T Clark, January 2012) for The Christian Scholars’ Review, 42.2 (2013).