Dr Olivera Petrovich


Until 2017: Senior Research Associate, Department of Experimental Psychology, Oxford. Course co-ordinator and lecturer for Developmental Questions in Science and Religion.

Until 2017: Associate Faculty Member, Faculty of Theology and Religion, Oxford. Lecturer in Psychology of Religion.

Previous academic appointments as Lecturer in Psychology: University of Buckingham; University of Humberside & University of Belgrade.

Main research projects involving children and adults from different cultures and addressing their religious cognition. Book currently in preparation titled Developmental psychology and young children’s religious education: A multi-faith perspective, based on research in faith schools in England, to be published by Routledge (probably in 2022 due to Covid -19 disruption). 

Research Area/s:

Science and Religion, Study of Religions

Research Interests: 

Psychological research of religion in human development across life span and in different cultures; nature of religious understanding and origin of religious concepts (especially of God); religious cognition and moral development; religious education.