Dr Michael Dormandy


Michael studied Classics (BA) and later Theology (BA, MSt) at the University of Oxford, followed by a PhD in Theology at Cambridge, when he worked on the textual characteristics of early Greek manuscripts containing the whole Bible. This relates to a larger interest in the emergence of the Biblical canon and the evidence that can be gleaned for that from Biblical manuscripts. He has published a number of articles on textual criticism and Pauline theology. He also has an academic side interest in the seventeenth-century German priest, Bartholomaeus Holzhauser, whose work he has edited. He has taught Classical and Koine Greek and New Testament Studies at Oxford and Cambridge Universities and also taught secondary school Latin. He teaches Homiletics and Biblical Studies to students at Ripon College, accredited by Durham University. He is responsible for organising occasional lectures at Ripon College and for developing the college’s programmes for students not funded by the Church of England. He has been active in church ministry for a number of years.

Faculty Research Area(s): 

New Testament Studies, Early Christianity

Research Interests:

Textual Criticism, Pauline Studies, Papyrology

External Engagement:

Curate, St Mary’s Church, Wheatley (from July 2021); occasional preacher, Baptistengemeinde, Innsbruck.




Select Publications