Dr Julia Konstantinovsky


Educated at Trinity Hall, Cambridge, and Oriel College, Oxford. Research Fellow at Wolfson College, 2007-2009, Oxford, then British Academy Research Fellow at Christ Church, Oxford, 2009-present. Visiting Lecturer at the Department of Classics and Ancient History, Warwick, 2008-9. Tutor in Theology for the Theology Faculty, Oxford, 2007-present.

Undergraduate Teaching

Early Christianity, History of the Early Church Institutions, the Development of Doctrine, History and Theology of the Byzantine Church, History of Western Mysticism, patristics.

Graduate Teaching

Christian historiography.

Research Interests

Late Antiquity and Byzantium. Late Ancient and Byzantine monasticism. Eastern Mediterranean: Egypt, Syria, Palestine. Textual identities and religious embodiments. Historiography. Modernity. Current projects: the shifting religious identities in seventh-century Eastern Mediterranean; an evaluation of the Gnostic Chapters of Evagrius Ponticus, with a translation and introduction.

General interests

Historiography, religious identities, Russian religious thought.


Christ Church College

Oxford Centre for Late Antiquity

Oriental Institute