Dr Joanna Collicutt


Joanna Collicutt studied Experimental Psychology and (later) Theology at Oxford University, and Clinical Psychology and (later) Christianity and the Arts at King's College, London. She is a chartered clinical psychologist and registered specialist neuropsychologist. After many years working in the British National Health Service, she moved into the field of psychology of religion and was director of the MA programme in psychology of religion at Heythrop College, University of London, moving back to Oxford in 2010 to take up posts as Lecturer in Psychology and Spirituality at Ripon College Cuddesdon, and Older People’s Adviser for the Diocese of Oxford until 2020. She remains a Supernumerary Fellow at Harris Manchester College, an Associate Priest in an Oxfordshire parish, and an Honorary Canon of Christ Church Cathedral.
Her interests are wide ranging, reflected in publications on positive psychology, brain and behaviour, natural theology, psychological and visual approaches to the Bible, psychological trauma, the spirituality of children and people with special needs, theology and death, and medical ethics.

Research Area(s):

Study of Religions

Research Interests:

Psychology of religion; neuroscience and religious experience; psychology and the Bible; positive psychology and Christian character and virtue.

Research Centres & Projects:

Associate Director, Centre for Reception History of the Bible.

Publications & Research Outputs: 

Collicutt, J. (2015). The psychology of Christian character formation. London: SCM.
Coles, A. & Collicutt, J. (2019). Neurology and religion. Cambridge: Cambridge University Press.

Journal articles & chapters
Collicutt, J. (2015). Living in the end times: A short course addressing end of life issues for older people in an English parish church setting. Working with Older People, 19, 140-149.
Slater, V. & Collicutt, J. (2018). Living Well in the End Times (LWET): a project to research and support churches’ engagement with issues of death and dying. Practical Theology, 11, 176-188.
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Sharp, C. & Collicutt, J. (2021). The United Kingdom: The psychology of religion up to 2020, in K. Ladd et al. (eds). The Cambridge handbook of the international psychology of religion. New York: Cambridge University Press (in press).


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