Anna Chrysostomides

Anna Chrysostomides


Thesis title: 

Between the Lines: Religious Identity and the Social Dynamics of Conversion in Eastern Christianity and Islam, 8th-10th centuries CE


Professor Robert Hoyland and Revd. Dr. Jane Baun


While there is no reliable statistical evidence regarding conversion to and from Islam under the Umayyad and Abbasid Empires, there are legal and literary sources describing social dynamics, familial and otherwise, that influenced conversion. Recent sociological studies suggest that social and kin networks strongly influenced 20th and 21st century conversion to new faiths across the world. My research explores the relationship between family networks and conversion between Christianity and Islam in the 8th - 10th centuries CE of the Dār al-Islām through contemporary primary source material as well as through current anthropological and sociological theory on conversion, in an effort to better understand the varieties of reports present in Islamic and Christian sources.


Funds for Women Graduates, finishing up grant.


“‘There is no god but God’: Islamization and Religious Code Switching 8th-10th centuries CE,” in Islamisation: Comparative Perspectives from History, ed. Andrew Peacock (Forthcoming).

 “Rhetorical Portrayals of Violence: a Comparative Study of Violent Scenes in Christian Neo-Martyr and Islamic Aḥādīth Narratives (700-900 C.E.)” (Forthcoming)

Other research interests:

Muslim-Christian Relations, Syriac Christianity, Islamic History, Abrahamic Religions, Islamic Archaeology, Islamic Papyrology and Epigraphy, Islamic Law, Christian Canon Law, Byzantine Studies, Monasticism, Gender and Islam, Sexuality and Islam

Academic-related Activities: 

Tutor/Teaching Assistant for Early Islamic History (Oriental Institute), Tutor for Islamic History to 1500 (Pembroke College, Oxford, Visiting Student Programme)

About me: 

M.Phil. University of Oxford

M.A. Temple University

B.A. University of Mary Washington