Dr. Alex Muir


After undergraduate studies at Oxford in Classics and French (BA), I gradually made the transition to the world of Biblical Studies. Following a two-year ministry apprenticeship, I completed a MTh in Biblical Studies at the University of Edinburgh, where I went on to obtain a PhD in New Testament and Christian Origins. My doctoral thesis was a comparative project that explored how the apostle Paul and Seneca the Younger contributed to an ancient tradition of consolation.

Faculty Research Area(s): 

Biblical Studies: New Testament

Research Interests:


Pauline Literature; Consolation; Rhetoric; Emotions; Seneca; Ancient Philosophy and Ethics.





Publications & Research Outputs:


‘“Our πολίτευμα Belongs in Heaven” (Phil 3:20)’, Novum Testamentum 64, 2 (2022): 249-266, doi: https://doi.org/10.1163/15685365-bja10011 


Select Publications