Oxford Theological Exchange Programme (OTEP)

Oxford Theological Exchange Programme (OTEP)

Theological Scholarships for Researchers from

Eastern Europe, Russia, and the Countries of the Former Soviet Union


The Oxford Theological Exchange Programme (OTEP) offers scholarships to theological scholars of outstanding academic merit with the potential to rise to positions of leadership and influence, from Eastern Europe, Russia, and the countries of the Former Soviet Union, to pursue research in the University of Oxford’s Faculty of Theology and Religion. The programme was established first in 1991, as new opportunities for theological exchange were emerging following the collapse of Communism in the former Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. The programme recognizes the continuing importance of such theological exchange.

OTEP is a programme of the Faculty of Theology and Religion, now delivered in collaboration with Regent’s Park College, Oxford, and the current Programme Director is Rebecca White, who is the point of contact for all queries about the programme. OTEP is supported by the the Fellowship of St Alban and St Sergius and the House of St Gregory and St Macrina, where the scholar is offered accommodation, both Oxford-based charities which work together for greater understanding of and between the Christian traditions of East and West.

During their time at Oxford, scholars pursue their own independent research project. In addition the programme encourages engagement more broadly with questions of ‘Religion and Society’ through participation in research groups based at Regent’s Park College or through activities organized more directly by the programme.


Scholarship Eligibility

The scholarship is open to candidates who, in most cases, will already have, or expect to obtain before October 2019, a theological or related degree from a recognized university or theological college. It is most suited to graduates already engaged in doctoral research in their own countries or affiliated academics wishing to carry out research in Oxford.

Applications are invited for 2019-20 from citizens of Russia, the Ukraine, and any other countries of the former Soviet Union, (apart from the Baltic States), Croatia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia, North Macedonia, Romania, Bulgaria and Albania. The scholarship will be tenable for up to one year of study and will cover fees, a maintenance allowance, and, where necessary, a return air fare. All applicants must be recommended by a recognized Church authority in the applicants’ home countries. Successful applicants should be willing, if asked, to attend an interview by diplomatic and Church personnel in their home country.


Apply here

Download an application form: OTEP Application Form 2019


All enquiries should be addressed to Rebecca White, Programme Director, OTEP, Regent’s Park College, Oxford, OX1 2LB, UK; Telephone +44 (0)1865 513117 or email rebecca.white@regents.ox.ac.uk. The completed application form together with all supporting documentation must be emailed to her not later than 14 June 2019.