MSt Philosophical Theology

Course overview

The MSt in Philosophical Theology offers the opportunity to study the philosophy of religion and the history of either theology or specifically philosophical theology. Studies in the history of philosophical theology include the study of major philosophical works from each period in English translation.



The course is studied over nine months full time. Candidates are required to study two of the papers given below and should select their two papers based on their previous qualifications. This course, which covers part of the ground covered by the MPhil in Philosophical Theology, provides an opportunity for advanced work in Philosophical Theology.

Candidates may choose to combine any two of the following three subjects:

  • Philosophy of Religion
  • History of Philosophical Theology
  • Study of Christian Theology in its Historical Context

Candidates who opt to study History of Philosophical Theology, can choose to focus on two periods, for instance, the early medieval period and the period witnessing the birth of modern philosophy, 1760-1860.  Those who are interested in exploring the history of Christian theology can choose between early Christianity (to AD 451) and the Reformation period.


Assessment consists of:

  • two 3-hour written examinations.
  • one 15,000-word dissertation on a topic in Philosophical Theology. (Students intending to proceed to doctoral study may use this topic as a foundation for future research).

The choice of dissertation topic is the student’s, albeit subject to the supervisor’s advice and the approval of the Graduate Studies Committee.

How to apply

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Couse handbook

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