Special Divine Action, AAR Pre-Conference Symposium

Is there special divine action in the world, beyond the purported effects of a divine first cause? Beliefs about particular kinds of special divine action (such as incarnation, inspirations, grace, miracles, providence, and resurrection) are central issues of theology, religion, and Biblical studies. But what should we make of these claims in the light of contemporary science, theology, and philosophy?

The Special Divine Action Project, hosted by the Ian Ramsey Centre (IRC) at the University of Oxford, will be holding a symposium to discuss these questions at a pre-conference symposium (17-18 November) at the American Academy of Religion (AAR) annual meeting in San Antonio, TX. 

Confirmed plenary speakers include Alister McGrath, Timothy McGrew, Peter Harrison, Andrew Pinsent and Eleonore Stump.


For further details, please click here or contact the Ian Ramsey Centre administrator: irc.admin@theology.ox.ac.uk

This conference is part of the Special Divine Action project: