Oxford Psalms Network

‘The Oxford Psalms Network’  has recently been selected as one of the Networks to be sponsored by TORCH.   

Professor Sue Gillingham writes:

‘The Oxford Psalms Network’ grew out of an earlier Network, Psalm Culture and the Politics of Translation, designed for scholars working on the Psalms in Medieval and Early Modern English which has already yielded two books, Re-forming the Psalms in Tudor England: Renaissance Studies 29 (2015), ed. Ruth Ahnert, and The Psalms and Medieval English Literature, ed. Tamara Atkin and Francis Leneghan (Woodbridge: Boydell & Brewer, forthcoming).

One of the main aims of the Network is now to take the conversation beyond Medieval and Early Modern English Language and Literature by incorporating scholars working on the Psalms in related fields such as Theology, Reception History, History of Interpretation, History, Art History, Music and other ancient and modern languages such as Latin, Old Irish, French, Italian, Portuguese and Spanish.

This Network will examine the wider impact of the Psalms in the development of Judaeo-Christian culture, language and identity from the earliest times to the present day, encouraging interaction between academics, curators, and the wider public through a series of activities and outputs by academic and other partners. At the same time, it will point to ways that scholars working on the history of Psalms in Judaeo-Christian culture might fruitfully collaborate with scholars working on the impact of the Psalms on other world religions.   

Several engagements are planned for 2016 and 2017. These will be publicised on the TORCH website here.


Dr Helen Appleton


Professor Susan Gillingham


Dr Francis Leneghan