An Interview with professor Anna Sapir Abulafia Part 5/5

anna sapir abulafia

‘Increasing Support for Postgraduates’

An Interview with Anna Sapir Abulafia

Director of Graduate Studies, Professor of the Study of Abrahamic Religions

by Olga Puzanova


Anna Sapir Abulafia, who took over as Director of Graduate Studies at the Faculty earlier this year, shares her thoughts about the Faculty and its diverse graduate programmes, and explains how graduate students can make the most of the vibrant research community at the Faculty.



How can students make life at the Faculty richer and more productive?

Graduate students should not hesitate to discuss their career prospects with their supervisors. It needs to be a part of their relationship. Goal-setting is important. You must be incredibly realistic about what you are trying to achieve in your research throughout your graduate studies. On top of that, I would also strongly recommend doing bits and pieces of training that might strengthen your CV outside of your immediate research area. You can always make yourself even more presentable on the international market if, in addition to a great dissertation, you also have a number of other skills you have acquired during your studies. It is also desperately important for your well-being to engage in activities outside of your field, to do something beyond your DPhil or any other degree. Whether it is sports, music, or College life and its social and cultural side that you are interested in, Oxford provides brilliant opportunities for all of these things.