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“Faith at the Frontiers” Podcast


General info about the podcast:

“‘Faith at the Frontiers’ is a podcast that confronts the toughest challenges to the Christian faith in a hopeful way, by means of conversations with experts from a variety of perspectives. The first series is on refugees, asylum, and immigration. In the future, we plan to discuss other controversial topics – always peaceably – such as climate change, racism, the problem of evil, religious pluralism, and many more. You can access it from SpotifyiTunesGoogle PodcastStitcherRSS, or directly from Anchor where it is hosted.


Info about the latest episode:

Should nations have an ‘open borders’ policy? Or do they have the right to restrict entry to whom they choose? Should the secular state be expected to enact Christian principles? In this episode, Barney puts these hard-hitting questions and others to Luke Glanville, Professor of International Relations at Australia National University. It’s a no-nonsense episode that gets straight to the heart of the controversies!

The podcast is at, and the latest episode can be found here.



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