Dafydd Mills Daniel in The Spectator's 'Coffee House' on divorce law changes

Dr Dafydd Daniel

In an article for The Spectator's 'Coffee House', Dafydd Mills Daniel reflects on the forthcoming changes to divorce law.

The government plans to make the biggest change to divorce law in 50 years, by introducing 'no-fault' divorce across the UK.

Supporters argue that the change to the law makes divorce 'fit' for the 'modern' age by removing blame or fault.

Dafydd argues that blame is not just an inevitable, but necessary, feature of a marriage's breakdown.

He also asks whether it is meaningful to support the change by invoking the word 'modern'. If 'the type of divorce the ‘modern’ age requires is quick, unilateral, and blameless' does that mean supporters of the change 'regard the "modern" age as impatient, individualistic, and lacking any sense of guilt"?