Selection Criteria

Selection Criteria

Before Interview

To reach the interview stage of the admission process for any BA degree in the Faculty of Theology and Religion, candidates must fulfil the following criteria:

  • They must submit a strong UCAS form, including a supportive reference, excellent past examination results, and the predicted 3 ‘A’ grades at A-level or equivalent.
  • They must submit written work which demonstrates 1) the ability to think clearly and to reason coherently, 2) evidence of independence of thought, 3) the ability to structure work and arguments in a logical way, and 4) the ability to write clearly (and grammatically), with clear expression of thought.
At Interview

At the interview stage, tutors will assess candidates according to the following criteria. They must demonstrate:

  • an ability to think clearly, including understanding complex concepts, forming sound arguments, and listening and responding to counterarguments.
  • an openness to learning.
  • an ability at close textual reading and interpretation.
  • evidence of enthusiasm and/or motivation, including dedication and diligence in work, and evidence of independent thought and reading.
  • an ability to develop ideas presented in their submitted written work.
  • oral communications skills.


Criteria for BA Philosophy and Theology

In addition to the criteria for Theology and Religion, tutors will taken into account each candidate’s performance in the Philosophy written test.

Criteria for BA Theology and Oriental Studies

In addition to the criteria for Theology and Religion, tutors will take into account a candidate’s performance in the Oriental Studies Language Aptitude Test (when candidates intend to study Islam or Judaism).



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