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The Trouble with the Inclusive Jesus

‘Resistance to Jewish and Roman Power in the Gospel and Acts of Peter

Review of KM Hogan et al (eds), Pedagogy in Ancient Judaism and Early Christianity (Atlanta: SBL, 2017)

Simon Peter: The Transformation of the Apostle

Scriptural Completion in the Infancy Gospel of James

The Gospels on the Knowledge of God

Creation Ex Nihilo Origins, Development, Contemporary Challenges


Beyond Bultmann. Reckoning a New Testament theology. Edited by Bruce W. Longenecker and Mikeal C. Parsons. Pp. x + 372 and 1 table. Waco: Baylor University Press, 2014. £33.50 (paper). 978 1 4813 0041 4

Simon Pietro nella scrittura e nella memoria

The personal presence of Jesus in the writings of Paul

Ancient Apocryphal Gospels 0

St Paul on the Personal Presence of Jesus

John Barclay, Paul and the Gift BarclayJohn, Paul and the Gift (Grand Rapids, MI: Eerdmans, 2015); xvi + 656 pp.: 9780802868893, $70.00 (hbk)

The perils of Paulines

Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi. Four Perspectives – I. Short Stories by Jesus: The Enigmatic Parables of a Controversial Rabbi. By Amy-Jill Levine. New York: HarperOne, 2014. 320 pages. $25.99 (hardcover).

The Gospel of Thomas: Introduction and Commentary

The Gospels on the Presence of Jesus

The idea of creation out of nothing: From qumran to Genesis Rabbah

Studies in Matthew and Early Christianity

Gospel Writing: A Canonical Perspective

Simón Pedro : en la escritura y en la memoria

Studies in Matthew and Early Christianity

Simon Peter in Scripture and Memory

Creatio ex nihilo in Palestinian Judaism and Early Christianity

The baptism of Jesus as ‘super-sacrament’ of redemption

Christ as creator. Origins of a New Testament doctrine

The Son of David and His Mother

The Remembered Peter in Ancient Reception and Modern Debate

No ordinary angel. Celestial spirits and Christian claims about Jesus

Paradise in antiquity

The macbride sermon, hertford college, oxford 25/01/2009: Messianic prophecy and abrahamic faith

Locating paradise

Paradise in antiquity: Jewish and Christian views

The Dead Sea Scrolls and Ancient Commentary

Peter's death in Rome? Back to front and upside down

Scripture On the Moral Life of Creatures: In Conversation With Hans G. Ulrich

Making Wise the Simple: The Torah in Christian Faith and Practice (review)

Exhibitions of the oracles of the lord: The fragments.

Jesus, a Jewish Galilean: A new reading of the Jesus story.

Christianity in the making, vol 1, Jesus remembered.

Cosmic christology in Paul and the Pauline school.


The making of gospel commentaries

The written gospel

Why not Let Acts Be Acts? In Conversation with C. Kavin Rowe

Compleat History of the Resurrection: A Dialogue with N.T. Wright

Simon Peter's names in Jewish sources

What's Under the Microscope?: Revisiting E. C. Hoskyns on the Object of New Testament Study

Who was Jesus? A Jewish-Christian dialogue

Simon Peter's names in Jewish sources

Studies in exegesis: Christian critiques of Jewish law and rabbinic responses, 70-300CE

Syrian memories of Peter: Ignatius, Justin and Serapion

‘Leave the Dead to Bury their own Dead’: A Brief Clarification in Reply to Crispin H.T. Fletcher-Louis

Book Reviews : Paul and the Stoics, by Troels Engberg-Pedersen. Edinburgh: T&T Clark, 2000. xi + 435 pp. pb. £19.95. ISBN 0-567-08712-3

Philippi, Vol 2: Catalogue of manuscripts on the colony of Philippi

Religion in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Book Review: Resurrection Resurrection , ed. PorterStanley E., HayesMichael A. and TombsDavid (Sheffield Academic Press1999), 376 pp, £55.00 hbk; £19.95 pbk

Peter in the Gospels

Peter: Apostle for the whole church

David in the 'Fourth Gospel': The Johannine version of the 'Psalms'

Paul: The man and the myth

Jesus of Nazareth, millenarian prophet

Book Review: A Theory of Primitive Christian ReligionA Theory of Primitive Christian Religion, TheissenGerd (SCM Press1999), xvi + 393pp, £14.95 pbk

The Law in the Old- and New-Testament

Jesus in the Drama of Salvation Jesus in the Drama of Salvation: Towards a Biblical Doctrine of Redemption, SchwagerRaymund, tr. WilliamsJ. G. and HaddonP. (Crossroad1999), x + 245 pp, £15.99 pbk

Jesus' attitude towards the law: A study of the Gospels

Virtue amidst Vice: The Catalog of Virtues in 2 Peter, by J. Daryl Charles. Sheffield Academic Press, 1997. 194 pp. hb. £35. ISBN 1-85075-686-4

'To be or not to be': The possible futures of new testament scholarship



ARMIN LANGE, Weisheit und Prädestination: Weisheitliche Urordnung und Prädestination in den Textfunden von Qumran. Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah 18. xii + 347 + 3 (plates) pp. E.J. Brill, Leiden, New York a...




D.D. SWANSON, The Temple Scroll and the Bible: The Methodology of 11QT. Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah 14. xii + 268 pp. E.J. Brill. Leiden, New York and Köln, 1995. NLG 131.50, $85.

New Testament Ethics Review Article

A commentator's approach to the 'Effective History' of Philippians

Book Reviews : A Different Jewish Jesus


BILHAH NITZAN, Qumran Prayer and Religious Poetry. Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah 12. xxii + 417 pp. E.J. Brill, Leiden, etc., 1994. 165 guilders.

Book Review : Biblical Interpretation and Christian Ethics, by J. I. H. McDonald. Cambridge University Press, 1993. xiv + 305pp. hb. £37.50

Book Review: A Century of New Testament StudyA Century of New Testament Study, RichesJohn (Lutterworth1993), x + 246pp, n.p. pbk

ANETTE STEUDEL, Der Midrasch zur Esahatologie aus der Qumrangemeinde (4QmidrEschata.b). Studies on the Texts of the Desert of Judah 13. xii + 240 pp. including an appendix of four photographic plates (two loose-leaf in a ...

M.J. STEUSSY, Gardens in Babylon: Narrative and Faith in the Greek Legends of Daniel. SBL Dissertation Series 141. xiv + 226 pp. Scholars Press, Atlanta, 1993. $29.95, for members $19.95; paperback $19.95, $14.95.

Natural Law in Second Temple Judaism


Die Essener-Bericht des Flavius Josephus: Quellenstudien zu den Essenertexten im Werk des Judischen Historiographen

The Partings of the Ways Between Christianity and Judaism and their Significance for the Character of Christianity. By James D. G. Dunn. London, SCM and Philadelphia, Trinity Press International, 1991. Pp. xvi + 368 (indexed). £17.50.

A note on the text of colossians 4:3

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