Robert Brown


Revd. Prof. John Barton


Blackfriars Hall

Research Overview:

In my doctoral thesis I seek to identify the main elements of Brevard Childs' (1923-2007) canonical approach to the theological interpretation of the Christian Bible and then consider if they are feasible. Childs was an Old Testament scholar who sought to create an approach to interpretation which would allow one to read the Bible as Sacred Scripture but also in accordance with the critical standards of modern scholarship. His work has major significance for the handling of the Bible in the Church today.

Primary Research Area: 

Old Testament / Hebrew Bible


Originally from Gloucestershire, UK, I have a BA (Hons) in Theology (First Class) from the London School of Theology and a MA in Biblical Studies (Distinction) from King's College London.


Select Publications:


Book Reviews:

Academic Papers & Presentations:

  • ‘Brevard Childs’ Canonical Approach: A Reconsideration of His Methodology’, Oxbridge Biblical Studies Conference, Keble College, University of Oxford, 27th April 2018.
  • ‘Defining the Concept of “Canon” in the Context of Biblical Studies’, Old Testament/Hebrew Bible Graduate Workshops, Oriel College, University of Oxford, 27th February 2017.

Academic Interests: 

My primary research interest is the intersection of Biblical Studies with the understanding and use of the Bible in the Christian Church, with a particular focus on the Old Testament and Evangelicalism. In addition:

  • Exegesis/Interpretation
  • Hermeneutical theory
  • Canonical approach
  • History of the canon
  • Theological interpretation
  • Evangelicalism and the Bible
  • Genesis 1-3


King's College London Theological Trust, Rebecca Flowers Squire Bursary, Crewdson Trust, James William Squire Bursary, Denyer and Johnson Fund, Sir Richard Stapley Educational Trust, Edgar Milward Charity, and self-funding with family support.