Professor Mark D. Chapman



Selected Publications

  • The Fantasy of Reunion: Anglicans, Catholics and Ecumenism, 1833-1882

  • American Catholicity and the National Church: The Legacy of William Reed Huntington

  • The Oxford Movement, Jerusalem and the Eastern Question

  • Ernst Troeltsch: Kierkegaard, compromise and dialectical theology

  • God-Change

  • Anglican Theology

  • Red Toryism: Some Historical Reflections

  • George Tyrrell and Catholic Modernism

  • Rowan Williams’s Political Theology: Multiculturalism and Interactive Pluralism

  • Eduard Herzog, the Church of England and the "Anglo-American Church"

  • Newman and the Anglican Idea of a University

  • Theological Responses in England to the South African War, 1899-1902

  • 7th December: 2nd Advent

  • 7th September: Proper 18

  • Doing God: Religion and Public Policy in Brown’s Britain

  • More
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