Dr Pui Him Ip


I am a Christian theologian working at the intersection between Patristics and Modern Theology. My work attempts to carry on the project of ressourcement theology initiated by figures such as Henri de Lubac, Hans Urs von Balthasar, and Jean Daniélou. I work on Greek Patristics, focusing mainly on the third and the fourth century. I have a special research interest in the Alexandrian exegete and philosopher Origen (c.185-c.253). 
Currently, I am the Departmental Lecturer in Patristics at the University of Oxford, and Tutor in Theology at Christ Church, Oxford. I received my PhD in Theology from the University of Cambridge under the supervision of Rowan Williams. My dissertation focused on the development of the doctrine of divine simplicity in the ante-Nicene period up to Origen of Alexandria. Before that, I did my MA in Philosophy and Christian Theology at Heythrop College, University of London, with a dissertation on Basil of Caesarea's Apophaticism supervised by Johannes Hoff. My initial formation was in the natural sciences, as I did my undergraduate studies in theoretical physics at Imperial College London.

I originated from Hong Kong. The United Kingdom has been my adopted country since 2002.

Research Area/s: 

Patristics, Historical and Systematic Theology

Research Interests:

Greek Patristics: Origen and the reception of Origen (esp. in the 4th century)

Modern theology: ressourcement, science and theology 



Select Publications

  • On the 'Patristic Grounding' of Christos Yannaras's 'Prosopo-centric Ontology': A Methodological Exploration

    IP, P
    Edited by:
    Andreopoulos, A, Harper, D
  • Re-imagining Divine Simplicity in Trinitarian Theology

    Ip, PH
  • Identifying the "Apophatic Impulse" in Wittgenstein's Early Philosophy: The Lecture on Ethics as an Interpretive Key

    IP, P
    Edited by:
    Mitralexis, S
  • More