Dr Lani Watson


Dr Lani Watson is a philosopher working primarily in applied social and virtue epistemology. Her research focuses on the nature and value of questioning. She argues that questioning plays an important and often undervalued role in four specific areas: 1) intellectual character formation, 2) learning and education, 3) social and political participation, 4) business and industry.

 Lani has numerous academic publications and runs a consultancy, working with diverse organisations to develop effective questioning skills. Lani gained her doctorate from the University of Edinburgh in 2015 and was subsequently a Leverhulme Early Career Fellow at Edinburgh. She has also held research posts at the University of Oklahoma and the University of Connecticut. Lani has a forthcoming book with Routledge entitled The Right to Know: Epistemic Rights and Why We Need Them, due for publication in Spring 2021.

Research Area/s: 

Epistemology, Education, Virtue Theory, Rights Theory

Research Interests:

Questioning; questions; virtue epistemology; social epistemology; political epistemology; intellectual virtues (especially curiosity, inquisitiveness, open-mindedness, intellectual humility); intellectual vices (especially arrogance, pride, closed-mindedness, dogmatism); virtue theory; rights theory; epistemology of education; executive education; leadership studies.  


Academic research: https://www.philosophyofquestions.com/

Consultancy: https://www.question-first.com/