James Bergida

James Bergida



Thesis title: 

Towards Interfaith Finance? Islamic Banking and the Christian Prohibition of Usury


Professor Anna Sapir Abulafia


In recent years, there have been suggestions that Christians (and the financial sector) turn to Islamic finance for inspiration in seeking ethical renewal in banking. Some of these suggestions rest on the perceived compatibility of the prohibition of riba in Islam with the prohibition of usury in late-antique and medieval Christianity. Although a handful of scholars have begun to consider Islamic banking through a Christian lens, analysis remains cursory. My research evaluates whether Islamic banking’s principles, contracts, and products are indeed compatible with late-antique and medieval Christian doctrine.

Research area: 

Study of Religions / Religious Ethics 


Full Abrahamic Studentship

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Other research interests

Business Ethics, Canon Law, Entrepreneurship, Jurisprudence, Political Economy, Religious Ethics.

Academic-related Activities:

  • Member of the Society for Business Ethics
  • Member of the Academy of Management
  • Adam Smith Fellow (Mercatus Center, George Mason University)

About me:

  • MPhil - Theology (University of Oxford)
  • BA - Philosophy (Christendom College) (Summa Cum Laude)