Emily Qureshi-Hurst


Emily Qureshi-Hurst is a philosopher based at the University of Oxford. Her research focuses on the philosophical questions raised by interactions between science and religion, particularly physics and Christianity. Emily has written on issues in the philosophy of religion, the philosophy of time (including issues in special and general relativity, quantum mechanics, and temporal experience), the philosophy of physics, and the philosophy of social media. She has also participated in cross-disciplinary collaborations with scholars from philosophy, theology, and physics. Before starting this JRF Emily completed a B.A. in Philosophy and Theology, and an M.St and D.Phil in Science and Religion, all at the University of Oxford.
She currently teaches a range of undergraduate papers from philosophy and theology, including: science and religion, further studies in science and religion, psychology of religion, philosophy of religion, general philosophy, and ethics.

Faculty Research Area(s): 

Science & Religion

Research Interests:

My research is largely interdisciplinary, although it falls primarily under the discipline of philosophy. My specific areas of interest are: Science and Religion, Physics and Christianity,  Philosophy of Physics (including Special and General Relativity and Quantum Mechanics), Philosophy of Time, and Philosophy of Religion.


I sit on the Editorial Advisory Board for Wildhouse Publications.




Publications & Research Outputs:

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (2021) “Anxiety, Alienation, and Estrangement in the Context of Social Media.” Religious Studies

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily & Bennett, Christopher. (2021) “Outstanding Issues with Robert Russell's NIODA concerning Quantum Biology and Theistic Evolution.” Zygon. 56 (1): p.75-95

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily & Pearson, Anna. (2020) “Quantum Mechanics, Time, and Theology: Indefinite Causal Order and a New Approach to Salvation.” Zygon. 55 (3): p.663-684

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (2020) “Quantum Mechanics and Salvation: a new meeting point for science and theology.” Toronto Journal of Theology. 36 (1): p.3-13

Read, James & Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (forthcoming) "Getting Tense About Relativity." Synthese.  

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (forthcoming) “Is Simplicity that Simple? An Assessment of Richard Swinburne’s Argument from Cosmic Fine-Tuning.” Theology and Science

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (forthcoming) “Does God Act in the Quantum World?” Theology and Science

Qureshi-Hurst, Emily. (forthcoming) “Time and Tillich: Re-examining Salvation Through the Lens of Special Relativity” in Emerging Voices. Bethany Sollereder and Alister McGrath (eds). Routledge.