Dr Bethany Sollereder


Bethany Sollereder is a Research Fellow at the Laudato Si’ Research Institute at Campion Hall. She specialises in theology concerning evolution and the problem of suffering and is currently working on the theological aspects of our changing climate. Bethany received her PhD in Theology from the University of Exeter and an MCS in interdisciplinary studies from Regent College, Vancouver.

Research Area(s):

Science and Religion

Historical and Systematic Theology

Research Interests:

Theodicy, Animal Theology, History of Science and Religion, Readings of Genesis, Practical Theology.

Research Centres & Projects:

I am a research fellow with the Laudato Si' Research Institute at Campion Hall as well as with the Ian Ramset Centre for Science & Religion.

Publications & Research Outputs:

Bethany N. Sollereder. Why Is There Suffering?: Pick Your Own Theological Expedition (Zondervan: 2021, forthcoming)

Bethany N. Sollereder, "Compassionate Theodicy: A Suggested Truce Between Intellectual and Practical Theodicy," Modern Theology 37:2 (April 2021): 382-395. https://doi.org/10.1111/moth.12688

Bethany N. Sollereder. God, Evolution and Animal Suffering: Theodicy without a fall (Routledge, 2019): https://www.routledge.com/God-Evolution-and-Animal-Suffering-Theodicy-wi...

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