Course Information

Course Information

Click here for student handbooks and descriptions of the papers available for study.

Handbooks contain general information about academic life in Oxford as well as and specific details relating to individual degree courses.

The Schedules of Papers contain descriptions of the papers (units of study) available to students on all three BA courses and the Postgraduate Diploma in Theology and Religion. These descriptions include information on course content, delivery and assessment.

The Preliminary Examination is the first year of the BA course. The Final Honour School comprises years two and three of the course.

All Handbooks and Schedules of Papers are named according to the year in which students will be examined. Please note that the details of the courses may vary according to the year in you started the course. Ensure that you are consulting the correct handbook.

Prospective students and applicants are advised that the course undertaken by students in future years mayvary in its detail. Please see the University’s information on potential course changes. For the most representative information available, applicants should consult the most recent Handbooks and Schedules of Papers.

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