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Boundaries of Science: Project Activities


Forbidden Ideas: Medieval Heresy and the Scholastics (16-17 April 2018)

Specialists on medieval heresy from Europe and the US gathered in Oxford to present papers and discuss how ideas were classed as heretical in the Middle Ages. The event received generous support from Marie Curie Actions at the European Commission, Oxford Medieval Studies (OMS), and The Oxford Research Centre in the Humanities (TORCH).

Programme      Conference Report


Conference and Seminar Presentations 

Scholastics and Aristotle: A Case of Academic Heresy?

at conference Forbidden Ideas: Medieval Heresy and the Scholastics, University of Oxford, 16-17 April 2018.

Boundaries of Science: Scholastic Branding of Gentile Philosophy as Heresy

at International Medieval Congress, University of Leeds, 3-6 July 2017.

Putting Aristotle in His Place: Philosophy as Heresy in the Thirteenth Century

at Oxford Medieval Studies Interdisciplinary Seminar, University of Oxford, 13 June 2017.

The Eternity of the World and Eternal Creation on the Part of the Creature: Did They Amount to the Same Thing?

at Aquinas & the Arabs International Working Group conference Creation and Artifice in Medieval Theories of Causality, The Warburg Institute, London, 1-2 June 2017.

Absorbing Alien Ideas: Christian Identity and Foreign Philosophy in the Thirteenth Century

at Medieval Intersectionality conference, University of Oxford, 15 March 2017.

Boundaries of Science in a Christian Society: Aristotle and Heresy in the Thirteenth Century

at symposium From Pseudo-Bede to Duarte de Sande: Arts and Sciences in East and West, Institute of Philosophy, Julius-Maximilians-Universität Würzburg, 22-23 November 2016.


Public Engagement


Article in The Conversation (10 July 2018): ‘Double Truth: Medieval story reveals how you can believe two conflicting positions at once’.


Article in TOIA Magazine (Michaelmas edition, 2018), pp. 7-8: ‘Heretical Science: Three medieval cervelli embroiled in a major controversy’


Public Lecture at the Museum of the History of Science, Oxford (12 July 2018): ‘Boundaries of Science: Medieval Conflict between Science and Religion’. This event was part of the museum’s series of lectures and activities.

Curiosity Carnival (29 September 2017): Presentation of the project in public street activities, part of Oxford’s participation with over 300 cities in the European Commission’s Researchers’ Night. Find out more about the Curiosity Carnival.