What is Theology and Religion?

Theology and Religion are subjects vital to understanding what it means to be human – in the past and in today’s world. Theology is the study of God and the questions raised by the possibility of God. Religion concerns how humanity makes sense of its origins, purpose and destiny in relation to the divine.

To study Theology and Religion requires an inquiring mind open to new ways of thinking and willing to grapple with complex concepts. Among all the subjects offered at university, Theology and Religion offers one of the broadest trainings in how to think – critically, logically, and with empathy.

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Some short films about studying Theology and Religion at Oxford

These short films offer prospective students, and their teachers and parents, an insight into the experience of studying Theology & Religion at Oxford. They contain interviews with staff, undergraduates, graduates and alumni, designed to help answer some of your questions.

1. Why study Theology and Religion?
Academics working in various fields reflect on why it is so valuable for students to learn in a rigorous way about religious faiths, communities and intellectual systems.
Download the film (4 mins 3 secs, 31.6MB)

2. What is it like to study Theology and Religion at Oxford? Undergraduate Perspectives

Our students offer their perspectives, describing their experience of Oxford teaching and the different courses they have studied.
Download the film (4 mins 16 secs, 33.4MB)

3. What is it like to study Theology and Religion at Oxford? Graduate Perspectives
Two current graduates, an international and a home student, discuss their experience of the application process and explain what Oxford can offer in terms of resources, supervision and support.
Download the film (3 mins 15 secs, 25.9MB)

4. What are we looking for?
Please note that this section is designed for prospective undergraduates ONLY, and will not contain relevant information for applicants at graduate level. It also addresses UK students primarily, and information on specific requirements for international students can be found on the admissions pages of the University's website.
Download the film (3mins 39 secs, 27.9MB)

5. What can you do with a degree in Theology and Religion?
Two former students talk about how their Oxford degree has shaped their career pathway, and the skills, habits and priorities they have drawn from it in the workplace.
Download the film (3 mins 26 secs, 27.4MB)


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