Tyler Tully

Tyler Tully




Dr. Donovan O. Schaefer and Prof. Graham Ward


Tyler's current research project situates Feminist Science and Technology studies, Quantum Mechanics, and New Materialism in conversation with Deep Incarnation theologies toward a posthuman metaphysics of Creation and Incarnation.

Research area:

Study of Religion and Religions

Historical and Systematic Theology

Philosophical Theology

Religious Ethics

Science and Religion


Arthur Peacocke Graduate Studentship in Theology Award

Selected Publications:

"Epistemologies of Trauma: Cognitive Insights for Narrative Construction as Ritual Performance," in Bulletin for the Study of Religion, 45 No. 1-2, 2017 (In Review).

"Of Gods and Beasts and 'Stranger Things'," Religion Bulletin, August 23, 2016.

"Toward a Posthuman Cosmology of Creation: Re-imagining the Steward/Despot Binary in Contemporary Hermeneutics," Society for the Study of Theology Conference, 2017. Bath, UK (In Review).

"The Exorcism of Mary Magdalene: Engaging Luke 8.1-3 from the Subaltern," The Oxford Symposium on Religious Studies, 2015. Oxford, UK.

Other research interests:

Science & Religion, Quantum Theory & Philosophy of Physics, Quantum Metaphysics, Leadership Studies, Critical Animal Studies, Postcolonial Theory, Affect Theory, New Materialisms, Critical Race Studies,  Feminist Science & Technology Studies, Trauma Theory & Embodiment, Queer Theory, Religious Anthropology, Contemporary Modern Doctrine, Biblical Posthumanist Hermeneutics, Feminist & Womanist Theologies, Liberation Theologies

Academic-related Activities:

In addition to his studies, Tyler serves as a member of the Exeter College MCR leadership board and is an active member of the Oxford Graduate Theological Society. He is also a perpetual member of the Alpha Chi National Honor society and a member of the American Academy of Religion.

About me:

Tyler M. Tully is an American writer, postgraduate student, and theologue whose work has been featured in local and national news sources including Real Clear Religion and Al Jazeera. In 2016, Tully won the Arthur Peacocke Graduate Studentship in Theology at Oxford's Exeter College for research at the intersection of science and religion. A distinguished graduate of Our Lady of the Lake University with a BA in Religious Studies and Theology, Tyler later earned a Master of Divinity with Distinction at The Chicago Theological Seminary in Hyde Park.


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